August 14, A Wonderful Day, For A Beautiful Girl; Ethereal,These Messages Are filled with honesty,Love & Joy which will hopefully brighten your birthday! Yes it was my idea but it wouldn't have been any better ~ Kronos ~

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Dear Sam, How do I start? Of course, happy birthday! This day WILL bring you delight, and if it doesn't it'll probably be because you are crying happy tears.You are so lit like literally you are the light to my torch so it can be lit, When you have the pack to lead because Leah is off you make sure you are respected and that we are enjoying ourselves, I cannot I just cannot explain my love for you, There's too much, I just LOVE you, As I say: 'If i can't be the pencil who writes out your happiness, I suppose I'd be a rubber, To rub out your sadness,' Hopefully you remember this day, in a good way hopefully, although I might not be there because i'll be having a surgery which could potentially save me from my death, you gave me so much support that's why I made this gift for you, and this is our gift to you for being an amazing person in life an Subordinate,: ' There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you...I LOVE YOU ^*^ Kronos ^*^

Sam, you're my best friend, and idk where I would be without having you to support me and be there for me. You've given me so much inspiration, and getting to know you has been amazing. Thank you for being there for me, and have a happy birthday <3


Hey, Sam. I know we honestly have had a past, and some of that drama form yesterday, but I want you to know that even if it does look like were in a conflict, I honestly could never stay mad at you. You're a really nice person! Thank you for helping the pack rise, helping others rise, and even more. Happy birthday!


Hey... You have always meant something to me your the most best best best friend i have ever ever had. I'm sorry about the drama with me and Zeph and all that I didn't mean for it to happen and I don't wanna lose someone as amazing as you happy birthday Sam thank you for being an amazing person. HAPPY BDAY!!

- Kota Boat

Sam, what can I say? While I've known you since forever, I felt like we barely talked but in these past couple of days we've really started to talk and then you. You've always been there for me. Thank you for being an amazing friend. Happy birthday bby ~Kayla, aka Virtue

Ay, ma. you mean a lot to meh, thankyou su much. You've nearly always been there for me, thankchu fam. Have a fabbu Birthday! ;)

- Bandaid

Ello Ethereal, I may not really know you but it was cool to add you to the TDN comics ( which i got bored of, dont kill me ) you've been a good friend to others and a good Subordinate to the pack. But Happy Birthday :)

Omg Ethereal you're such an amazing person I can't even say this in words. I've known you for so long and I remember back in The Hollows staring at your vocab skills like "O.O she is too good to be my friend." But in the end we've warmed up to eachother and I honestly would be close to empty without you bby. Thank you for being there for me, I hope we can great friends forever, even if this pixelated world of AJ seperates us. Stay cool, and happy Birthday bb! <33

-Climber bby

Sam, I know that I am not very close to you, but my closest friends in TDN are very close to you, so I wanna be close to you too! You are so awesome, you know that? You are a good leader, and make me proud to have formerly been your RP brother. Keep me proud. <3


Hi Sam :) i know that i have not even talked to you but i enjoy seeing my brother actually smile,Jay told me you are the only person who has ever made him smile everyday even if he is crying.I Thank you alot <3

~Kiara <3